ALBION CUP has partnered with PRO SELECT SOCCER USA to select a Puma tournament All-Star team to train and compete in Brazil in June 2017.

This elite group of players will train for 8-10 days and play against professional teams in Brazil.

The Pro Select Staff will be identifying these players from the following age groups throughout the tournament:

BU14 Puma V Elite

BU14 Cup

BU15 Puma V Elite

BU15 Cup

GU14 Puma V Elite

GU14 Cup

GU15 Puma V Elite

GU15 Cup

GU16 Puma V Elite

Pro Select will notify the head coach and/or manager of any player that has been chosen to participate within a few weeks of the tournament concluding. Pro Select will communicate always through the team manager or coach initially with the selection of players.

Pro Select Soccer has successfully taken elite boys and girls players and teams to Brazil over the past 7 years. You can visit for additional information.

If a coach, manager, or parent of a player feels they have a player or players on their team that would qualify and are interested please notify Pro Select so a scout can be sure to attend that players game.